Traditional Thai Bodywork

Thai massage is often referred to as "lazy woman's yoga."  While Thai massage has been practiced in Thailand for thousands of years, it was brought to mainland America only a short time ago.  It has been gaining popularity - for good reason!  Many Westerners experience Thai massage as "someone doing Yoga to you, plus massage." Sound pretty good?  It is.


A less obvious focal point of this unique style of bodywork is the attention paid to the Sen lines, or the energy lines of the body.  Sen lines are the Thai equivalent of Chinese meridians and the nadis of Ayurvedic medicine.  By stimulating the points along these lines, the bodies' own inherent self-healing mechanism is strengthened and activated, resulting in a boosted immune system, increased nerve function, improved digestion, and much more.

While receiving a Thai massage, the client remains fully dressed and instead of lying on a massage table gets comfortable on a traditional Thai mat (much like a thin futon mattress) on the floor. The practitioner takes the client through a series of stretches while they lie face up, on their side, and on their belly.  The practitioner applies compression and other massage techniques to major muscle groups, facilitating deep relaxation, increased circulation, and overall healing.  It is recommended to bring or wear comfortable work-out clothes to the session.

Photo by Suzanne Laurent

Photo by Suzanne Laurent



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